Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Aramite Band

 Artist: The Aramite Band
LP: Hot Sands
Song: "Hot Sands"
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Song: "Zungalo"
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Hot sounds from Hot Sands! This 1958 record by The Aramite Band features instrumental songs as well as tracks with vocals, so I've included one of each. I wasn't able to find much info about the group on the web, but the LP liner notes are included below, and you can hear (and briefly see) oudist Leo Barsamian working his musical magic at the 2009 St. Stephens Armenian Apostolic Church Picnic at Camp Haiastan, Massachusetts here. Please note that the exotic and captivating music included on this album was recorded in one of the finest studios in the East! Ace Recording Studios in Boston, to be precise.

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Mitch Lee said...

Great album. Has grown on me over the years. And the recording is, indeed, spectacular!