Monday, October 31, 2011

Count Floyd

Artist: Count Floyd
LP: Count Floyd
Song: "The Gory Story of Duane and Debbie"
[ listen ]

Here's a frightful treat from Count Floyd, aka. Floyd Robertson, aka. Joe Flaherty. Flaherty played Robertson playing Floyd as the howling vampire host of the "Monster Chiller Horror Theater" on SCTV, a Canadian comedy sketch program that ran in the late 1970s. SCTV launched the careers of other popular comedians too—like John Candy, Martin Short, Eugene Levy, and Catherine O'Hara, who's credited with snapping the photo of the count's backing group, The Wally Hung Experience, for the back of this 1982 4-song EP. To read more about Count Floyd and SCTV, click here and here. Happy Halloween!

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