Monday, October 3, 2011

Gert & Hermien

Artist: Gert & Hermien
LP: Daarom Ben Ik Blij
Song: "Iedereen Is Zoekende"
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This 1974 record by Dutch duo Gert & Hermien is something I came across in the Everyday Music bargain bins a number of months ago. Gert Timmerman already had a moderately successful solo career when he married Hermien van der Weide in 1963 and asked her to join him at the microphone. As you can see here in English (and here in Dutch), the duo had a string of hits until they turned Christian in 1974, after which Hermien devoted her time to religious music and raising their kids. By reading here, here, and here, I've tried to piece together the incredible story of Gert & Hermien—which includes recurring bouts of Christianity, arguments with drugs and alcohol, a hit song titled "In the Mouth of Hell Night," stunts involving fan-filled stadiums, financial problems, accusations of incest, bitter divorce, and the daughters of Gert & Hermien appearing nude together in Playboy magazine!

[ Hermien van der Weide and her hair: July 25, 1943 — May 23, 2003 ]
 [ Gert Timmerman: born June 8, 1935 ]

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