Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Zaccarias and His Orchestra

Artist: Zaccarias and His Orchestra
LP: Dance the Bossa Nova
Song: "Mumúrio"
[ listen ]

The owner of one of the best used record stores in Seattle often pulls things aside for me that he thinks I might want to add to my collection. This terrific 1962 bossa nova record by the swarthy and debonaire Brazilian bandleader Zaccarias, along with his orchestra, is one of the records he had waiting for me when I stopped by the store this past Saturday. You can read about the life and career of Aristides Zaccarias and listen to another one of his songs here. If I ever make a movie, Zack's "Mumúrio" will be playing over the opening credits, no matter if it's a screwball comedy, a horror film, or a documentary about Russian prison camps.

 [ Zaccarias without His Orchestra, 1946 ]


dj trish said...

Is it me or do I see long fingernails on that guy.OK not thats its wrong but back then he might have gotten funny looks.
Today its like ok to each his own.
ah but thats show business even back then.
Anyway I enjoy reading about your record store trips and glad there are plenty still around.I dont have my records anymore but love reading your blogs.
You are wlcome to read mine and comment too!
Peace Love and Music

dj trish said...

P.S do you really have a radio show?do you have a station on the internet?If so Id love to hear it.

Alex said...

Hi Trish, no... nothing on the radio, this is it I'm afraid. I stick each month's songs in an iTunes playlist, and then listen to each month's playlist like a radio show.
...and you're right, it does look like he's got long fingernails. that must be his baton hand.