Friday, October 28, 2011

Dave & Susanne

Artist: Dave & Susanne
LP: Walking In the Sunshine
Song: "Walking In the Sunshine"
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Song: "Little Green Apples"
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My good friends John & Aine (how about starting a singing duo, guys?) gave me this lovely made-in-Seattle Dave & Susanne LP for my birthday back in August. Not to be confused with the globe-trotting duo who were last seen in Poughquag, NY, this Dave & Susanne released their first album in 1969 just a few months before I was born. Not only is the copy Aine & John found for me actually signed by Dave & Susanne themselves, but it also evidently once belonged to Dick Bell, who contributed to the album's cover photo and artwork. I can't find any info about Dave & Susanne Phillips-Lamplighter on the web, so if they or anyone who knows or knew them is reading this, I'd love to hear what they're up to nowadays and learn more about the making of this record and about their music careers. The LP liner notes, photos, and artwork are included below, and go here to read a 1992 Seattle Times review of The Legend Room restaurant and lounge, where Dave & Susanne once performed.


bitter69uk said...

Dave and Susanne rock! "Walking in the Sunshine" really cooks, and "Little Green Apples" compares favourably with the Bobbi Gentry-Glen Campbell version (high praise indeed). I assume "It's Such a Pretty World Today" is the same song as the Nancy Sinatra one from "Country, My Way"? I love how whoever wrote their liner notes has such a bizarre notion of when to employ quotation marks: Dave and Susanne are probably the "brightest" stars in the entertainment scene today... Dave and Susanne became a "group" ..., etc

edgar gillham said...

Wow, it's been such a long time. Remember Varian associates? Bob Graham passed away about a year ago and I lost contact with dennis a long time ago. I see you are still singing with wife, I still have that bass guitar you gave me but never play it. I still play my martin for fun only. I went on to head a group in advanced development and designed tubes. My last program was the ALQ-131 anti missile pod and it has been quite successful. Donn't look now but we are getting old, how long has it been, about 50 years? Edgar Gillham,