Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Igor Kornelyuk

Artist: Igor Kornelyuk
LP: Wait For Me...
Song: "If I Could Know the Remaining Cards In the Pack,
I Could Afford Living at the Resort of Sochi "
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I can't read Russian, so I was happy to find that someone had typed up an English translation for all the song titles on Igor Kornelyuk's 1990 "Wait For Me..." LP before selling it to Bop Street Records down the street from my apartment. Still, it's hard to imagine how a 3-word Russian song title can translate into an English title with 19 words in it. But I've always found the Russians to be a thrifty people, so they probably have one single word that means "if I could know the remaining cards in the pack." Speaking of thrift, I was initially inclined to make fun of Igor's hair, his clothes, and his glasses... but then I thought, well maybe I should try living behind an iron curtain for 45 years and see how I look afterwards. You can find where Sochi sits on the shore of the Black Sea here, see a photo of The Resort of Sochi here, and sample a few of the resort's many pleasures here, here, and here. Go here to read about Igor Kornelyuk in English, and visit his official website here (careful, there's music). 

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