Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Helen O'Connell

Artist: Helen O'Connell
LP: Green Eyes
Song: "Tangerine"
[ listen ]

The lovely and talented Helen O'Connell was born in Lima, Ohio in 1920 (hey! I've been there, remember?) and began singing with bandleader Jimmy Dorsey in 1939, quickly becoming one of the most popular female vocalists of the era. She retired from the music biz when she married in 1943, but came back after she and her husband split in 1951. Helen became popular with morning audiences in the early days of TV when she landed a job as one of "the girls" on NBC's "The Today Show," where she was regularly called upon to interact with a chimpanzee named J. Fred Muggs. Helen co-hosted the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants with Bob Barker from 1972-1980, earning an Emmy nomination for her coverage of the Miss Universe pageant in 1977. You can read more about the life and career of Helen O'Connell and see her famous dimples here, find a photo of her grave here, use the links below to watch some video clips featuring the charming singer, and find the 1959 "Green Eyes" LP's liner notes included below.

Helen O'Connell on YouTube:
[ "Man That's Groovy" ]

[ Helen O'Connell: May 23, 1920 — September 9, 1993 ]

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dj trish said...

I remember hearing her version of green eyes on a compilation and didnt realize she sang with Jimmy Dorsey.If you read my blog you know my growing interest in world music.Tahiti dances looks interesting,
Oh look out Marlene looks like she wants you to join her for more than a smoke!Either that or shes ready for a cat fight.
You blogs are so fun and educational for me!
Thank you and keep up the very good work!
I've been writing some heavy stuff in my blog lately but I'll lighten up a bit my Friday!
Peace love and music